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Pro Gut Balancer is a complementary feed designed to support digestive health as part of a balanced diet.

  • A unique, triple action combination of pre and probiotics, together with a mannan-oligosaccharide (MOS) to help maintain a healthy gut microbiome during times of digestive challenge.
  • Helps to promote optimum fibre digestion (typically 60-70% of the horse’s daily energy requirement come from fibre digestion).
  • Promotes microbial synthesis of vital B vitamins and vitamin K.
  • Helps to maintain a healthy gut pH.
  • Helps to support a healthy immune system
  • Particularly helpful to re-establish a healthy gut microbiota following illness or injury.
  • Vital support for horses travelling nationally and internationally to stay away shows.
  • Also suitable for horses changing yards, including broodmares going away to stud, or youngstock as they come in for sales or work preparation.
  • On a palatable linseed base, easily mixed in feed.
  • Equine America is BETA NOPS and UFAS accredited, making Pro Gut Balancer suitable for horses competing under FEI regulations and the Rules of Racing by reducing the risk of our products containing prohibited substances.

Quality Commitment

Equine America manufactures to a strict code of feed safety. This product has been manufactured in licenced premises using quality assured ingredients under strictly controlled production conditions and conforms to the requirements of the relevant legislation governing the manufacture of animal feeding stuffs. Equine America monitors for the presence of specified naturally occurring prohibited substances (NOPS) as required under the rules of racing and other affiliated competitions which are in line with BETA NOPS guidelines. Adherence to these guidelines ensures that the risk of occurrence of such substances is minimised.

    Key Ingredients per 30g Serving

    Probiotic (Saccharomyces cerevisiae MUCL 39885)2.5 x 1010cfu Prebiotic Fructo-oligosaccharide (FOS)10g
    Mannan Oligosaccharide2.5g Omega 3 fatty acids2.2g


    Product Description 

    Modern horses and ponies are subjected to many stresses and challenges – including moving yards to new management and forage sources, strenuous training and competition programmes, national and international travel to stay-away shows, and high starch diets to provide energy. This disruption can adversely affect performance in many ways, ranging from a subtle decrease in energy production or a reduction in immunity, through to a decrease in gut pH and metabolic and immune system disruption, but certainly to a significant decrease in health, wellbeing and performance. 

    Pro-Gut Balancer is a unique combination of pre and probiotics, together with a mannan oligosaccharide (MOS), to help maintain the health of the microbial population in the light of the many challenges faced by modern horses and ponies.


    Benefits of Pro Gut Balancer

    Pro-Gut Balancer provides a unique triple action approach to maintaining gut health:

    1. Probiotics (from the Greek “for life”) Pro Gut Balancer contains the only live yeast licensed for use in horses, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, with the highest number of live colony forming units (cfu) per serve. This live yeast plays several vital roles:
    • Helping fibre digestion, by using their hyphae to help pull the fibre particle apart. This enables the fibre digesting bacteria to colonize and digest the fibre more readily, producing volatile fatty acids (VFA’s) which are a vital energy source for the horse.
    • Scavenging pockets of oxygen in the gut, which would otherwise be toxic to many of the beneficial microbes.
    • Outcompeting the lactic acid producing microbes, and encouraging the growth of those which can use lactic acid, thus helping to reduce the likelihood of a drop in hindgut pH which can disrupt the delicate balance in the microbiome.


    1. Prebiotics are typically fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS), usually obtained from sugarbeet, but are also naturally found in a number of vegetables of fruits such as chicory, onions, asparagus roots, garlic, Jerusalem artichokes, leeks and bananas.

    Unlike most carbohydrates, these FOS’s are largely unaffected by stomach acid, and other digestive enzymes, but instead, they are selectively fermented by many of the beneficial bacteria in the hindgut. In other words, they act as a food source for, and selectively encourage the growth and activity of the beneficial intestinal bacteria which are associated with health and well-being.


    1. Mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS): Is obtained from the cell walls of yeasts, and contains beta glucans as well as mannans, acting as a prebiotic. 


    Pro-Gut Balancer should be fed for 7-10 days before, during and for 7-10 days after any stressful activity that might adversely impact the microbiome such as long distance travelling, moving yards, broodmares going away to stud, youngstock starting sales prep, or after illness or injury. Elite competition and racehorses, with ongoing strenuous training and competition programmes may benefit from longer term daily use. 

    Ingredients & Nutrition

    A complimentary feed for horses and ponies, as part of a balanced diet.

    Key Ingredients per 30g Serving

    Probiotic (Saccharomyces cerevisiae MUCL 39885)2.5 x 1010cfu Prebiotic Fructo-oligosaccharide (FOS)10g
    Mannan Oligosaccharide2.5g Omega 3 fatty acids2.2g


    Additives per kg:

    COMPOSITION:  Whole micronized linseed (full fat 35% oil), Fructo-oligosaccharides (35.1%), Dried Alfalfa, Yeast Products (Mannan Oligosaccharides MOS) (8.5%)



    Zootechnical Additives: 4b1710 Saccharomyces cerevisiae MUCL 89885 8.3 x 1011 cfu

    Sensory Additives: 2b Mixture of flavouring compounds (apple)  10g

    Technological additives: E321 Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) 100mg


    Analytical Constituents:

    Crude Protein 15.0% Crude Fat 14.0%
    Crude Fibre 5.2% Crude Ash 5.0%
    Sodium<1.0% Magnesium 3.9%
    Sodium 0.1% Omega 3 Fatty Acids7.3%

    Sugar 2.4%


    Directions For Use

    For a 500kg horse during peak disruption; 30g per day. For maintenance; 15g per day. Maximum; 60g per day. 30g (approx.) measure enclose