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Fly Mask Slim Fit

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Now available for the little ones!

The Kentucky Horsewear Fly Mask Slim Fit is designed in a lycra fabric for a perfect fit as well as great comfort and protection for your pony. It is highly breathable and super durable. The Fly Mask Slim Fit resembles a second skin to prevent insects from flying in and to offer the best comfort and fit. The mask features a zipper, a press-button and an opening for the forelock.

The extra strong mesh-eye covers avoid irritation of the eyes and don’t touch the horse's eyes. When they invert by an action of the horse, they pop back out. This mask is machine washable at 30°, do not tumble dry!

- Slim fit prevents insects from flying in
- Extra strong mesh-eye covers to avoid irritation of the eyes
- Lightweight and stretch material
- 100 % breathable and fast dry
- Zipper, press-button & opening for the forelock