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Rider Balancer

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Rider Balancer Reins

For our younger riders

Feeling secure in the early days on the lead rein is the key to a confident little rider. Keeping things simple allowing them time to feel the movement of the pony and learning a relaxed position by holding the Balancer in the early days will make for easier learning.

Supporting your position

Helping you regain your balance and your position on the flat, over a fence, hacking, schooling or in the ring.

A balanced position whatever you are doing will help your partnership grow even on a windy day!

A secure place to keep your hands in a time of difficulty will make you feel more relaxed and you will hold that perfect position.

A video is available on You Tube to show you how to fit the Balancer.

All tack must have regular stitching checks. It's a good management practice for all riders. 

  • Small = Under 12hh
  • Medium = Upto 14.2 

Please not black reins not included